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The main objective of the The Al-Hafeez Trust is to provide free medical services to the Community of Pakistan in particular city of Shujabad, and Multan area in general. 

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Phase - I

Status: Complete. 

It is Allah's blessing that Al-Hafeez Trust has been providing Chartiable Medical Services in Shujabad and Multan, Pakistan since 1995. All funds have been provided by family members to support the Trust's Charitable Activities.

We operate with honesty, integrity and sincerity with the aim to help deprived people. Al-Hafeez Trust started with the opening of Free dispensary in Shujabad - remot area of Pakistan. Dr. Iftikhar Bukhari has been seeing 100-200 patients every week. 

May Allah accept this sincer effort from us... Ameen!

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Phase - II

Status: In-Progress. 
Phase II (2)  includes Al-Hafeez Eye Hospital InshaAllah. Current estimates to complete this project is $2 Million. For the completion of Phase II, we are requesting your help. 

You may participate by:

  • Providing tax deductible financial help, donate a fixed amount every month. 

  • Donating your time/effort, we are in need of skilled workers across disciples.

  • Participating in a Qard-e-Hasana Loan (no interest loan to Al-Hafeez Trust) which will be paid back to the loaner in a time period determined by both parties.

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Insha-Allah, once completed, Al-Hafeez Trust will provide free Eye Care services for the needy people in the community.

Project Status Description
Muhammad Ali Homeopathic Dispensary  Complete Providing services to thousands of people in the community.
Al-Hafeez Eye Hospital In-Progress On an area of more than 40,000 sft this project will provide world best class eye care services to the needy community - Insha-Allah.


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