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Al-Hafeez Trust
Al-Hafeez Trust has been providing Charitable Medical Services in Shujabad and Multan, Pakistan since 1995. All funds have been provided by family members to support the Trust's Charitable Activities. We operate with honesty, integrity and sincerity with the aim to help deprived people.


Al-Hafeez Trust started with the opening of free dispensary in Shujabad - remote area of Pakistan. Dr. Iftikhar Bukhari (Homeopathic)has been seeing 100-200 patients every week - free and quality medical treatment and medicine has been provided to the needy people in the community. This was just the beginning - so with the trust and support of people like you Al-Hafeez Trust will be expanding its domain to other much needed medical services.


It is Allah's blessing that in this day and age there are caring people who donate generously from their income. May Allah (Subhana wata'ala) give blessings to them in this life and the hereafter Ameen.


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Board of Trustees

Dr. Iftikhar Bukhari,Homeopathic, Vice Chairman

Syed Waqar Ali Shah, Secretary General
Professor, University of Punjab, Lahore (retired)

Shazia Subnum, Finance Secretary

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Dr. Asim Mahmood, Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology,
MBBS, FCPS (Pak), FICO (Japan), Fellow in Medical Retina, MAEBASHI (Japan)

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Mr. Raza Ali Babar Bokhari has Donated 8 kanals of land for the Al-Hafeez Eye Center in Shujabad.

Ms. Nasim Kausar Bukhari has Donated Rs.20,00000 to start the Al-Hafeez Eye Center in Shujabad.

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